Welcome to The Way. This site is primarily a place to share information for those who are following the way.
As a quiet place of rest and repose, let be a stoping point in your journey where you may
reflect upon your path and seek more wisdom.
The following table lists some choice sites you may wish to visit.  Most of these sites are not of my creation, but refer to other sites on the web that I have found particularly useful. 

If you wish to email me with any suggestions please send missives to: hasmith@nettally.com
Daoism Depot
Daoism Discussion Forum
The Dao In Chinese
Daoist Scriptures
Introduction To Daoism
Wandering Daoists
The Daily Tao
TaoWorks Village
A Translation By J. H. McDonald
The Temple of The Immortal Spirit
Scholarly Discussion Forum
The Dao In Chinese With Helps 
The Chuang Tzu
Reading/Writing Chinese Online 
Chinese Philosophy Page 
Member of the Wandering Daoists 
Taoism Depot