Internet Tools For Learning Old Norse
This page is a preliminary effort to collect together some internet resources for learning Old Norse. Hopefully as I find time, I will update with more links as I find them. If you have any you think should be included, please send them to me at

I. Grammar
a. Old Icelandic Course Materials
b. Old Norse Course Files
c. Old Norse For Beginners - main web site
d. The Old Norse Language
e. Mimir
f. Sweet's Old Icelandic Primer - scanned images
g. Quick Reference Guide To Old Norse

II. Dictionary
a. Norse-English Wordlist
b. English-Norse Wordlist
c. A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic -I
d. A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic -II
e. Electronic Zoega Old Icelandic Dictionary Project

III. Readings (There are many - these are just a few selections)
a. Easy Readings In Old Icelandic
b. The Poetic Edda
c. The Prose Edda
d. Some Sagas
e. Heimskringla

V. History, Cultural Aspects
a. Timeline